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Welcome to The Villages at Kessler Farm located in Nashua, New Hampshire.

This site is intended to provide information to all residents of our community. For viewing status of maintenance requests, account information, etc. please visit the Harvard Management website (please note you must use Internet Explorer to access, otherwise your username and password will not work). For login information, please contact the Kessler Farms Property Manager, Cheryl Demetriou via cdemetriou@harvardmanagement.com or 603-204-5391.

Questions on Condo Rules, Violations and work orders can be directed to cdemetriou@harvardmanagement.com. Once received by the management company your request will be answered. If the management company can’t answer your questions, the Property Manager will forward your request to the Board of Director’s for an answer.




Please read the Snow Removal Policy. If your car has been towed, call Kinney Towing at 603-886-3688.

The 2014 Recycle Schedule is available.

Check out the Classifieds.

Paint colors for select streets is now available on the Community Page.

Non-Resident Owners are required to provide Tenants with copies of the following:
Condominium Rules and Regulations

Every Resident and Non-Resident Owner must provide the Association with a completed Tenant Information Form.

Holiday weeks with delayed trash pick-up:

New Year's Day (January 1)
Memorial Day (May 28)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day
(September 3)
(November 22)
Christmas (December 25)

Neighborhood Watch: If you have any questions, you can send an email to vkfwatch@comcast.net. Some tips on keeping your home safe:

  • Make sure your windows and doors are locked when you are not at home.
  • Secure rear sliding doors.
  • Use timer lights and leave a radio on when away.
  • Use motion sensor lights by your rear doors and on your garage.
  • Notify a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your residence if you will be away for an extended period of time.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery when going away for an extended period of time.
  • Know your surroundings
  • NEVER confront anyone!
  • Participate in the Villages at Kessler Farm Neighborhood Watch.
  • Please visit this link for more tips and guidelines on how to secure your home and possessions.

    Help keep our community safe: To report suspicious activity in the community, please contact the Nashua Police Department at 603-594-3500 and Cheryl Demetriou via cdemetriou@harvardmanagement.com.

Don't forget to check the Classifieds.

When using the rear gates please stop at the white painted line on the pavement and activate your remote. There are sensors in the pavement that help control the gate arms. If you get to close to the gate the remotes may not work and you will have to back up to the white line. Also please remember to change the battery in your remotes so that they will continue to work properly.


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